I Am Not Your Negro: A Picture of America You Were Not Supposed to See

I’m not much into documentaries, unless they deal with a topic I’m genuinely interested in, or they stand out by its unique filmmaking style or great storytelling. I Am Not Your Negro has has got it all and it excels at storytelling. It paints a picture of America you were probably never supposed to see. You might be disgusted by what you’re gonna see, but I promise, you’ll end up feeling inspired, too. And I just wanna say, that I, as a white person, want to bow down to all of you black people and your bravery. Fighting against a society that’s been against you since day one. The fact that you resisted, that you are thriving despite the circumstance and the world being so much against you, is truly inspiring. If you’re black, you should be so damn proud.… Read More I Am Not Your Negro: A Picture of America You Were Not Supposed to See

Beauty and the Beast: The Ultimate Fairytale Dream

If we’re to talk about prejudice, I’ve got one for you: I was absolutely sure that the new version of Beauty and the Beast will not just turn out to be bad (real bad, actually) but that it will also prove itself as a completely unnecessary film. Because who needs a remake of the (already perfect) Disney animated classic, that brings nothing new other than the live action? I mean, from what I’ve seen on the stills, it seemed like a complete copy of the animated scenes… so, I was asking myself, what’s the purpose of it? Why not rather come up with something new and original? (yes, I am fed up with all the remakes being made lately). Then I went to the cinema to see a different movie and caught a trailer for Beauty and the Beast. I was intrigued. It actually looked beautiful. And pretty spectacular. Could it possibly be any good? Well, now that I have finally seen it, I am happy to report that yes, it could! In fact, I was totally enchanted.… Read More Beauty and the Beast: The Ultimate Fairytale Dream

‘1001 Movie Challenge’ Sum-Up: Part 2

I know what you’re thinking. Trust me, I know. That I’m being careful not to challenge myself too much. Well.. it’s not that I’m being careful, but I’m not gonna lie to you either – I sucked at watching these films in the last few weeks. First of all, I spent 8 days in Spain (more on that later) where I watched no films whatsoever. But even before that, I can’t exactly be proud of myself. Frankly, I was just getting too distracted by too many things. And the fact that none of the ‘challenge’ movies I watched in the past 30 days has inspired me very much, did not help either. So, I thought, I’ll just give you a quick sum-up of what I have seen, so you know I’m not a total loser. And also so you know what films you don’t have to stress about too much if you feel like your final day is coming ;-)… Read More ‘1001 Movie Challenge’ Sum-Up: Part 2

A True Love Story and How It All Began

I looked at him and was overcome by affection. His big green eyes fixed on me. His pleading look making me feel like I was the only one that could save him. Like I was the only one in his world. Like I was his only chance to be happy. His look almost reliant. I realized there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. I was too much in love to deny him anything. Even if I knew I was just plain spoiling him. But who could possibly resist him? He was the cutest looking cat you could ever imagine. He was my cat Aragorn.… Read More A True Love Story and How It All Began

Naomi Kawase’s An and Why We Need to Stop Making Our Lives a Prison

Naomi Kawase has created a truly inspiring movie which will leave you stunned and feeling empowered. Empowered to make changes in your life right that minute. That is – if you make it till the end of the film as An really is a very slow-paced movie. It’s once again one of those almost meditative films and even I, who loves slow storytelling found it a bit challenging at times. But please, do yourself a favor and persevere. We all need the powerful life lesson it delivers at the end. I know I do. And it once again proves that sometimes all you need to do for yourself is to sit down and watch a film. … Read More Naomi Kawase’s An and Why We Need to Stop Making Our Lives a Prison