About me & this blog

Welcome to my lifestyle blog!

…where movies are the style & cats are the life! 😉

I’m here to inspire you & to encourage you to watch movies, but also to live your life to the fullest.

I am here to help you find some inspiration in this tremendous form of art which is my love and my passion. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing and using this passion of mine for the past six years when I was working  for an international film festival  and it was the best feeling ever. Films are such a universal language, they can spark a revolution – if nothing else then within ourselves and in our own lives. They can shape into our favorite memories, or become symbols for some significant life events. They can bring us together. They can help us to understand each other. And they can take us on adventures we could never take otherwise.

However, my love for films and storytelling in general is pure and I do not intend  to tell you which movies you are supposed to like and which you’re not (and if I try sometimes, please just ignore it, it’s an old habit and I am working on it! I’m only supposed to be recommending.. ;)). I’m not planning to write any kind of film reviews here (god knows the world has enough of those). I simply wanna share my life with you of which moving pictures are a huge part.

Talking of sharing my life and my passions with you – I love cats. Call me a crazy cat lady, I’ve got three of them at home. Hence, The Cat Lady Diaries.

I also like food. Oh, actually, I love food! And chocolate. My mom runs a chocolate business and together we make handmade chocolates just like in the Chocolat movie (but sadly, without Johnny Depp). But YES. I have not been called Monka Wonka by my classmates for nothing. Coffee is equally important as chocolate in my life.

I love nature, travelling, writing (naturally, otherwise you would not be here) and life in general.

I also invite you to join on me on my journey throughout the 1001 Movie Challenge which is gonna be a huge part of this blog. Ever checked the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list and found just how many have you not seen yet? Despite graduating film school for example.. like me. Oh yeah. And the time is running out. Just sayin’.

I’m passionate about life although same as everybody, there are times when I find it hard to make it out off bed because life is not always easy. I fight my own battles, I have my ups and downs, sometimes I seem to fail to find any inspiration at all.. but I always do in the end. And I want to help you to find some, too, shall you ever feel the same. Be it in movies or anything else I am going to share.

Join me on this journey.



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