Hola! aka Lessons learned in Madrid: Part 2

La Mallorquina, Madrid’s most famous bakery & patisserie, where among other things, they serve the best Napolitanas, which are a must. Especially, if once again, you are a chocolate lover like me. But being popular with locals and tourists alike, it gets incredibly busy at La Mallorquina! Remember that scene from Eat Pray Love where Julia Roberts tries to order some coffee in the busy café in Rome? Yep. That sort of busy. … Read More Hola! aka Lessons learned in Madrid: Part 2

Hola! aka Lessons learned in Madrid: Part 1

Spain has been one of my oldest dreams, and inspired by watching The Limits of Control where the Lone Man wanders through Madrid and later on through Seville, I thought ‘hey! I want to do that, too!’ Sadly, Seville didn’t fit into the plans this time, but there’s always the next time, right? Or so I thought. In fact, I didn’t fall in love with Spain as much as I thought I will. I was pretty sure it’s gonna be similar to the love story I’ve been living with France, but the truth is, it seems there’s only one country like France – and that’s France. That being the very 1st lesson learnt. But there were many more to come.. So let’s take them one by one. … Read More Hola! aka Lessons learned in Madrid: Part 1

Vienna with Love

Oh, sweet Vienna. You truly are sweet.
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably noticed by now I have a huge appreciation (please, notice my careful choice of words) for cakes and patisserie in general. And also that I spent the last weekend in the wonderful city of Vienna.
If you’re anything like me, and you enjoy getting to know the culture throughout its food, here are my favorite 5 things you should not miss while in Vienna. But be warned and get your taste buds ready for a lot of cakes and sweets. … Read More Vienna with Love